What is Ryan Theriot’s “little secret”?

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April 20, 2007


And who is Ryan Theriot anyway? Not much of a household name, he was a 26-year-old rookie for the Cubs last year who outperformed Albert Pujols, Carlos Beltran, Travis Hafner, David Ortiz, and Ryan Howard in 2006 in one area that will surprise you. It’s not a statistic that is often used, but it is a pretty significant measure of offensive production. It requires an ability to get on base, the ability to hit for power, and the ability to run the bases well. And it is simply the most important thing in baseball.

Scoring runs!

Theriot not only beat the guys I mentioned above, he beat everyone in baseball in how often he scored a run compared to the number of times he came to the plate. That’s runs scored per plate appearance and here is the leader board for 2006 in this category.

Runs Scored Per Plate Appearance (2006)
Player Runs Plate Appearances Pct.
Ryan Theriot, Cubs 34 159 21.4%
Carlos Beltran, Mets 127 617 20.6%
Chris Duncan, Cardinals 60 314 19.1%
Albert Pujols, Cardinals 119 634 18.8%
Chipper Jones, Braves 87 477 18.2%
Matt Kemp, Dodgers 30 166 18.1%
Grady Sizemore, Indians 134 751 17.8%
Matt Holliday, Rockies 119 667 17.8%
Travis Hafner, Indians 100 564 17.7%
Chase Utley, Phillies 131 739 17.7%

(note: includes only players with at least 150 PA in 2006)




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